Thursday, December 29, 2011

Robert Griffin III: Stay in College, or Jump in the NFL Now?

As we know, Rober Griffin III has the chance to enter the NFL Draft early, instead of waiting until he finishes college. Very rarely does this happen, and only Juniors in college are eligible for early entry. The big focus is whether he should stay in college, or take his chance at the NFL. I think he would be an amazing player if he was drafted in the 2012 Draft. Since RG3 would be younger, he could adapt to an NFL offense more seamlessly than if he got attached to a certain system, such as the offense at Baylor. Also, he would be younger, and in his prime earlier than other QB's. Now, is if he would even be drafted for a starting position. Hopefully once he makes his decision, some teams will show interest. One thing that is becoming more popular in the NFL; QB's that can make plays with their legs. Cam Newton showed this since the very beginning of the year, Mike Vick (somewhat) continued it, and Tim Tebow became a very explosive runner at the quarterback position. I think he would be a great prospect, and would get drafted mid 1st round, early 2nd. What do you think of this situation? If you were Robert, what would be your decision? Tell us in the comments down below.

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