Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lytro Light Field Camera

     Lytro, a camera company recently released their Lytro, "light-field camera" to the general public. This camera has a hint of "revolutionary to it, but with many downsides. The main great feature is its ability to focus, after the picture has been taken. This is "light-field" technology. That feature is awesome, and works well with social networks, but not as smooth. There is one downside. Next is the image quality. 1 megapixel for the camera, which is mediocre, even for modern day cell phone cameras. The images are cropped also. The focusing (for me) isn't enough to keep me to buying this camera.
     The design is quite rugged, with it's rectangular prism, but at the same time, doesn't seem to adapt to what the user needs, for example, like the display. The display is a tiny, 1.46 inch, and is controlled by touch. If you have large fingers, this could become a dreaded issue. Those are just my thoughts on the camera, you can be heard in the comments down below!

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  1. What's cool about this camera is that it is so easy to use but the quality of the photo is hazy especially if the light is less.

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