Monday, February 6, 2012

What Devices are Soon to have Siri?

     Not long ago I made a video on my YouTube channel, ItsDiegoDoes, basically talking about the future of Siri. In the video, I explained why Siri should only come to the iPhone/iPod Touch. First of all, Apple would have to buy millions of dollars worth for new servers to support multiple devices using Siri. Remember, shortly after release the Siri servers were overloaded and were down for a 12-24 hours. If Apple was required to buy another set of servers for the iPad, Apple TV, and possibly Mac OS X, they would spend outrageous amounts of money. If they only bought for the iPod Touch, money wouldn't be a big deal, along with reliability. 
     Also, Siri needs to stay somewhat exclusive. If Apple were to release Siri to all platforms, Siri wouldn't be such a big selling point. Siri is such a big selling point that Apple needs to make it a big deal on certain products. Maybe the iPod Touch for example, would skyrocket sales, just due to the feature. Keeping it exclusive will have a much larger effect on sales.
    Maybe iCloud can be synchronized with what Siri does on the iPhone. When you set a reminder, iCloud can send that reminder to your MacBook or iMac. This would be more productive, and save money.  
     So, what do you think about Siri's future? I'm almost positive that you're thinking the opposite of me, but I'd love to hear other people's point of view.

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