Thursday, March 1, 2012

How Much Longer can Kobe Bryant Succeed in the NBA?

     On February 21, I started a small unofficial poll, asking the question, "How Much Longer can Kobe Bryant Succeed in the NBA?". The answer choices were, 1-3 years, 4-6 years, and 7-9 years. Over 100 people responded, and I'll share the results and comments with you. The number 1 most voted was, 1-3 years, with 46%. Just behind was 4-6 years (not surprisingly), with 42%. Last was 7-9 years, with a mere 11%. In the comments, Kobe fanboy, (username: parkside) said "Until the wheels off!" Personally I believe the wheels are coming off already. Later on, someone went against Parkside, and stated that, "He will have to adjust his game more like MJ (Michael Jordan) did when he got older." This is very true, as Kobe's skill-set will become weaker, especially with age and strength differences. (Personally I voted 4-6 years, as Kobe is a great player currently, and even If his play-level might fall, I think he can still succeed for years to come. No more than about 5 or so though. ) So, I'll leave it up to you guys, in the comments tell me what your vote would be!
a)1-3 years
b)4-6 years
c)7-9 years

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