Friday, January 27, 2012

Android Tablets Gain more Market Share than iPad!

That's right, Android has surpassed iOS in tablet market share. A lot of people are immensely surprised about this, but they is no reason you should be. Android tablets now have 39.1% of the market. Truthfully speaking, the only reason this happened, is because there are thousands and thousands of Android tablets, from various manufacturers. These include Asus, Samsung, Toshiba, Amazon. All of these manufacturers (except for Amazon) has at least 2 different tablets. Asus has many revisions of the Transformer. Apple only has 2 devices. The original iPad, and the iPad 2. Also, many bloggers have made a big deal about the iPad losing ground, due to the Kindle Fire. I'm sure the fire heated up the cold aluminum on the iPad, but the iPad 3 is coming soon, so most people will be smart and wait. Apple will still be successful, despite the misunderstood statistics.

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