Friday, December 2, 2011

Built-In Mac Software

Some people think that the reason the quality of their content is so bad, is because of the lack of software. Tech enthusiast Matthew Pearce states this all the time in his iMovie tutorials, and I can't agree more. For example, take dubstep music. Dubstep is usually made with soundboards and high-end software, but believe it or not there are many who use simply GarageBand! YouTuber "CH1N1AN" has many examples and tutorials on his channel regarding GarageBand. Another prime example is iMovie. Many think the only way to get muzzle flares, or explosions in your mini-movie is Final Cut, or After Effects. iMovie can perform this job, maybe not the best, but you have to start somewhere. Even if you do buy editing software, you'll probably have this ability anyways. So, now you know! Go out there and do what you can, with what you have!

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